Ode to a Prime Minister

Brandon Hamber
Jun 15, 2023
“The British Parliament and Big Ben” by ** Maurice ** is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Arrived with pomp and pretence
A foppish comic faker
Pillaging with privilege
A practiced promise-breaker

Too cowardly for honesty
Believers buttered then betrayed
Attacked in the early hours
Wielding a witty charade

Truth evaporating in filibuster
Secrets muted by scrutiny
Dead cats bounced at voters
Disaster sold as opportunity

An upper-class merrymaker
Flinging cake at the sick
Sending the desperate to Rwanda
Dressing up pigs with lipstick

We’ll miss you like a blister
You awesome world-beating liar
Grinning while your pants burn
Saluting the tatters of Empire

Published by Brandon Hamber, 15 June 2023



Brandon Hamber

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